I found this post on r/Philadelphia and did some more digging to make sure it’s real, and oh boy it is! This $100 Sixers footrest, originally $150, could be yours according to the seller, Dan M., on Nextdoor.

Father’s Day is coming up folks:


Dan describes it as:

“One of a kind sturdy footrest. I am having to say goodbye to some of my all-time favorite possessions for the sake of space. This is a classic.”

You can hear the tone of sadness in his voice. What Dan really means:

“My wife is making me get rid of my awesome Sixers footrest that I’ve had since college.”

They probably just had a baby and his cool footrest, life-size Pat Burrell growth chart, and all his bobblehead dolls have to find a new home because they’re turning the storage room into a nursery. Poor Dan.

The footrest needs some upholstery work, and if we’re being honest, I’m going to have to know if those shoes are removable so I can throw some Questions on there. But this is an amazing gift for your pop’s man cave or if you’re right out of college. Talk about a conversation starter. Anyone that comes over your house is going to spot your Sixers foot rest and immediately want to try it out.

Honestly, this belongs in a bar or museum. Imagine this at your favorite Philly sports bar. It would be the hottest table in the city. You walk into the place and ask, “Is the Sixers footrest open tonight?” Picture your happiness when you hear it finally is. It’d be like Nate in Ted Lasso finally getting the window table. Bottle service and the Sixers footrest and there won’t be a woman in the club left for anyone else because everyone wants to dine with the king.

I hope this post helps Dan’s foot throne find a buyer. If you happen to be it, contact me, I have a lot of questions I need answers to.