Is Aaron Nola annoyed at a little pitch clock gamesmanship? He told reporters the pitch clock was a little too fast on Monday night:

I don’t know what Nola is bitching about. No offense, but it hasn’t really been a shut down year for the guy. We need any advantage we can get. Keep that pitch clock moving. You notched two of your 12 strikeouts on violations last night. Sure, you want to get into a rhythm, but you know what’s better than getting into a rhythm? Striking players out without throwing a pitch. Plus, 7IP/1H/12K/3ER seems pretty rhythmic to me. The highest WAR on the Phils this year could turn out to be the pitch clock.

Nothing wrong with a little home cooking. It’s no different than the official scorer last night gifting Edmundo Sosa an error instead of a hit to break up Nola’s no hitter. This happens at every stadium. You don’t think the Sixers’ clock operator is a little quick on the button when the opponent has the ball late in the game? Every tenth of a second counts.

Everyone has a job to do. Nola should focus on pitching and let the clock guys at CBP keep cooking: