Good baseball night. The Phillies won 15-3 and the Mets blew a three-run lead to the Yankees while relief pitcher Drew Smith was tossed:

Skip the judge and jury. We know he’s guilty because the Mets are dirty cheats. The Mets are to rule breaking as Milli Vanilli is to lip syncing. It’s ingrained in the culture, with Max Scherzer and two bums from Triple-A Syracuse getting tossed earlier this year.

Smith, in true scoundrel behavior, then had the audacity to say this after the game:

Hmm, dunno. He sounds nervous, and you can’t trust a Met to begin with. Plus, the umps, as we know, are never wrong, so we’ll side with them unless Smith can prove that he didn’t cheat. Guilty until proven innocent!

It’s one thing to cheat and win, but the Mets cheat and lose. They’re 31-36 with Major League Baseball’s largest payroll. Verlander is on the mound Wednesday night and started cooking up some meatballs this morning. They’re simmering in the pot, ready to be served.