The Headhouse Square Wawa is closing a month from now, according to Mike Newall at the Inky

The Headhouse Square Wawa will close July 16, a company official told the Inquirer. The move comes after neighborhood associations had complained to Wawa about aggressive panhandling, crime, and drug use at the store and outside on the sidewalk.

The site will become the sixth Center City Wawa to shutter since 2020.

Go give it a proper send off as you’re stumbling out of Paddy Whacks in the next couple of weeks.

No lie, I got one of the best meatball subs of my life at there. Now with this Wawa locking its doors, the undisputed champ for late night drunk food is hands down Lorenzo and Sons pizza. Nothing like being drunk and trying to reel in that Moby Dick of a pizza slice without getting anything on you:

The story cites aggressive panhandling, drug use, and crime as the reason for the closing, which has been the common theme between every Wawa that has closed in Philly recently. We’ve still got roughly 16 left in Philadelphia, from Port Richmond to the stadiums and Independence Hall to University City.

At least we’ll always have the memories to hold us over:


Kinkead: you could never get in the door of this place, always somebody asking for money and blocking the entrance