The Braves DFA’d Charlie Culberson and his dad in the same move. Ruthless:

Imagine those texts from Culberson to his dad.

8:03am: “Happy Fathers Day❤️. See you at the ballpark!”

8:30am: “Do you want to get lunch? My day just opened up.”

Sheesh. The definition of sports is a business right here. The Braves organization gives zero fucks. I can’t get over how cold-blooded this move is. Especially to a fan favorite like Culberson who grew up an hour outside of Atlanta.

“Hey dad, remember how I worked my entire life to get to the big leagues and all the sacrifices you’ve made to help me culminating in this awesome father son moment we’ll remember for the rest of our lives? We’re gonna have to do it in the front yard. I just got cut.”

To make it worse it looks like Michael Harris’ dad bounced it:

If the Braves start to lose ground in the NL East you’ll know why. The curse of Charlie Culberson.