Let’s check in with Brian “Windy” Windhorst:


“The indications are that James Harden is going to remain in Philadelphia. I would not say for sure it’s a done deal, but those are the indications, and really it will come down to what sort of contract they negotiate. He can get up to four years. I’m sure Philadelphia, with a 33 year old, would like it shorter, and that’s part of the negotiation I think the Sixers have been working on in recent weeks.”

The question from day one has been this –

If Harden walks, how do you get better? Do you trade for Damian Lillard? Offer Fred VanVleet in free agency? There’s not a clear, slam dunk, Plan B type of thing that results in anything more than a lateral move. It may befit the Sixers to extend Harden and hope that the difference between this year and the last two years is a new head coach who can impart some playoff dawg in these guys. That might not excite the fan base, running it back after this past barfer of a postseason, but if there’s a better alternative, we’re all ears.