Brian Windhorst was on ESPN and had the Sixers and Damian Lillard on the brain:

It’s a done deal! Windy has been spinning circles around the competition for the last year and a half in the background. Remember when Woj was adamant the Sixers couldn’t get Harden for Ben Simmons until the 11th hour? Windy was all over it from the start. He introduced us to the Deal Zone for God’s sake! From Windy’s lips to God’s ears! Damian Lillard might not be forcing a trade now, but we know Lillard is the most hot and cold player ever. One minute he doesn’t want to run from the grind and the next he doesn’t believe in the Blazers’ future. He’s like your wife trying to pick a restaurant.

Windy also reported on ESPN Cleveland that there was some “outlandish stuff” that could be pieced together using social media:

No rumors on Twitter have been juicier than Tobias Harris and the Cavs’ interest. Could it be a three-teamer involving the Sixers, Cavs, and the Blazers? Was Keith Pompey right all along, but he just mixed up the key details?

“Last week, sources told The Inquirer the Sixers are overvaluing Harris and asking for “outrageous packages in return.” That goes in line with what a source said the Sixers told the Cavs what it would take days before the draft: A package of Jarrett Allen, Evan Mobley, and a draft pick.”

Not to mention, the Sixers are perfect for Lillard’s demands:

Get off of GIPHY Daryl and get on the damn phone!