The Mets just got swept by the Braves and now sit at 4th place in the NL East behind the Phillies. How does Buck Showalter feel? Is he pissed off? Does he want to see some heads roll? Nope. He’s proud of his guys. They gave it the ol’ college try:

Damn. I know Buck is a player’s coach and it’s a long season, but you look at this team and it’s hard not to have some concern. You just got swept by your division rival after leading by 3+ runs in every game during the series, you’ve lost six straight, your two aces collect AARP bennys, and now Pete Alonso looks headed for the IL. Not to mention your bullpen is decimated because of your closer’s preseason injury and the schedule isn’t doing you any favors the next month: at Pirates, Yankees, at Astros, at Phillies, Brewers, Giants, and at DBacks.

But that’s not our problem! Lets focus on last night. What was my favorite part you ask? Obviously that David Robertson and Tommy Hunter were directly involved in the sabotage:

Hang this in the MoMA:


Buck might not seem to be worried. But lets see how Mets fans are handling it:


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