The Burger King is at it again:


This is the most Howard Eskin thing ever. Totally predictable. He hates the Sixers so much that he leaves the reigning MVP out of his top five and makes 80% of the list Eagles. If Howard did a top 25 list, 24 of the players would be Birds, because he’s been carrying water for that franchise since the dawn of creation. That’s Howard’s schtick. The Eagles can do no wrong, while every other team in Philadelphia sucks ass. He needs to protect his uber-vital radio sideline reporter job, which we all know is right up there with the I-95 repair work in terms of importance.

Even if we put the Embiid nonsense aside for a moment, the inclusion of DeVonta Smith in the top five is comical. Smith isn’t even the best receiver on the Eagles roster. On no credible list would Smitty be ranked above A.J. Brown, who had 300 more yards, four more touchdowns, five more big plays, and went for 4.4 more yards per reception on average this past season.

Howard once again exposing himself as a fraud. Sad! An “unserious” sports personality, as the kids say.

BTW, the only list you need to read is Crossing Broad’s Top 25 Philadelphia Athletes: Indisputable 2023 Edition.