This is from Frank Seravalli’s latest article at Daily Faceoff:

“New Flyers general manager Danny Briere is ready to deal. The Flyers are about to embark on a rebuild and Briere wants to be aggressive to get the ball rolling. Sources say he’s been actively listening and engaging in trade talks on a whole host of players on his roster, and was potentially close to a deal involving Kevin Hayes in the last few days.”

It’s no secret that Kevin Hayes and his $7 million per year are not long for Philadelphia. Seravalli mentions a little later in the story that the Hurricanes, Stars, Wild, Red Wings, and Blue Jackets showed interest in Hayes’ services just before this past trade deadline, when Chuck Fletcher was still in charge. It’s also noted that the only untouchable in the organ-i-zation is Cutter Gauthier.

The consensus seems to be that Hayes will return to his native Boston, which makes sense. One Flyers fan noted on the CB Facebook page that Hayes is the type of guy who can’t make a bad team good, but can help make a good team great, and the Bruins were more than great this past season before they were stunningly ousted in the first round. Hayes going up there with the Flyers retaining some of his salary makes too much sense. Perhaps we can will it into existence the same way we did with Carson Wentz going to Indy.

And while Danny Briere is at it, he should jettison everyone. Ryan Ellis? Sorry it didn’t work out. See ya. Coots? Thanks for everything, but it’s time. TK? Great season, but we’re moving on. So on and so forth. I want nothing on this team next season other than young and hungry talent and a bunch of vets on one-year deals to teach these kids how to play the game “the right way.” It’s a new era of orange. Let’s go.