Devon Allen scooting!

I feel bad for the guy who won. All the headlines are saying “Devon Allen Runs 4th Fastest Time in the World in 2023“. There is absolutely zero mention that he came in second to Daniel Roberts, who ran a 13.01 – the third fastest time in the world this year. But football is king. If Daniel Roberts had a practice squad/futures contract with the Cowboys, he might capture the headlines.

How about USA track? We’re dusting Jamaicans now? Are we that good? Finishing 1 through 4 in the NYC Grand Prix is nothing to sneeze at. That would be like Spain taking the crown from us in basketball. Usain Bolt ain’t walking through that door. He might eat it though:

Good for the legend. The chicken McNuggets finally caught up to him. I’d kill to have a fat guy six pack.

What’s next for Allen? He’ll have to run well at the USATF Outdoor Championships in early July if he wants to compete in the World Championships and a spot on the Olympic team in August… right in the middle of Eagles’ training camp. He’s mentioned he doesn’t know what he’s going to do yet. What he should do is call me. No more of this second place bullshit. Look at this blazing speed: