Despite news of John LeClair being hired by the Flyers to join the Hockey Operations department, and Eric Lindros making some erstwhile appearances as an ambassador, The Legion of Doom won’t be returning to the ice for the Flyers in 2023-24.

But it’s going to look like it… aesthetically.

The Flyers unveiled their new uniforms Tuesday, and they look a heck of a lot like the old uniforms of that LOD-era. Frankly, that’s a good thing.

Back is the traditional burnt orange, the more iconic shade of the color that carried the Flyers through their first 35 seasons of existence.

Those orange jerseys will serve as the new home sweaters for the Flyers, who also will have new away uniforms next season, that look eerily similar to what was the home jerseys in the 1980s and 90s:

The Flyers’ third alternate black jersey remains unchanged for this season, but I’m hearing that could change next season (a different version of “back in black,” maybe?). Meanwhile, the Flyers will unveil a fourth look, one that is different from all other iterations, later this year, that will be the jersey they wear for their Stadium Series game against the Devils next February (Don’t worry, it will be unveiled in time for the holiday shopping season).

“These burnt orange sweaters are one of the most iconic symbols of Flyers hockey,” Keith Jones, Flyers President of Hockey Operations and Alternate Governor, said in a statement. “There’s no doubt that this look is known throughout the NHL and uniquely beloved by our fans because it brings to life one of the most important parts of our rebuild – it honors our past while we continue to forge a new path forward.”

via Comcast/Flyers

And they are iconic, but there are some subtle differences, and one really noticeable change – a sponsorship patch on the front of the sweater, near the right shoulder.

Who else but Independence Blue Cross (IBX) to be that first sponsor? After all, we’ve been told repeatedly that new Comcast Spectacor Chairman and CEO and Governor of the Flyers Dan Hilferty knows where he comes from, right?

“This New Era of Orange is all about honoring our franchise’s storied past while writing an exciting, new chapter of Flyers history,” Hilferty said in a statement. “These new uniforms represent that sentiment perfectly with details to honor previous eras paired with a fresh, modern design. And there’s no better company than (IBX) to be our first jersey patch partner! It is an organization that has meant so much to me personally and the entire Philadelphia region.”

In case you are living under a rock, Hilferty was the CEO of IBX for a decade from 2010-2020.

via Comcast/Flyers

Patch aside, the other subtle changes in the uniform from the one worn back in the 80s and nineties include:

  • Eliminating the black piping that separates the orange and the white on the shoulders, making the blend of the colors more seamless.
  • A return of the monochromatic, black numerals on the sleeves, hearkening back to the original unis from 1967, and the first time the Flyers have had single color numbers on their sleeves since 1970.
  • The black stripe at the bottom of the jersey was lowered a couple inches, allowing it to sit flush against the black hockey pants, again for a more seamless aesthetic of the color blend, akin to what they had in the days of the Cooperalls in 1982.
  • The contrasting nameplate, something the Flyers added to their primary uniform in 2008, will remain as well, which is different than the original unis. The Flyers are the only team in the NHL that has that feature as part of their primary jersey

The new unis were designed by Adidas, who still is the NHL uniform partner. The Flyers did consult with alumni, broadcasters and season ticket holders during the redesign process, something that was in the works for the better part of two years.

The one thing that remains unchanged, and never should change, is the logo. The Flying “P” is one of the most iconic logos in all of sports, let alone hockey, and should never be shelved.

via Comcast/Flyers

Overall, I think these are a great change for the Flyers look on the ice. I’m not a fan of the monochrome numbers on the sleeve, and think they looked so much better with the outlined orange numbers in the past, but aside from that, this is a sleek new look that will be very popular. (Yes, I like it better without the black piping, which, when looking at the two side-by-side, makes the uniform look box-y)

And while the burnt orange is really cool and fans are going to love it, Going back to those whites on the road are just as awesome, and frankly are quite underrated.

I’m not a fan of advertisements on jerseys – because once you break the seal and have one, it won’t be long until there are two, or more, and the game looks like it’s being played by skating billboards. But, if there has to be one, having a Philly-based business with a classic look of it’s own like IBX is the right way to go.

Through the multi-year deal, IBX  becomes the Official Health Insurance Partner of the Philadelphia Flyers.

“Independence Blue Cross is excited about this opportunity to highlight our ongoing support for the Philadelphia Flyers in such a visible way,” said Gregory E. Deavens, Independence Blue Cross president and CEOin a statement.  “We are proud of our Philadelphia roots and our service to Southeastern Pennsylvania over the past 85 years. As the hometown health insurer, we are delighted to support the traditions that mean so much to our community, including deepening our relationship with our region’s legendary hometown hockey team.”

The IBX patch will be featured on the home jerseys and the third alternate jersey. IBX will also become a presenting sponsor for a social media series on Flyers channels focused on nutrition and healthy eating. Through the deal, the organization will offer special single game discounts to IBX members that will be announced at a later date.

The team is also running a special sweepstakes where five lucky fans can enter to win an autographed jersey by a player of their choice. The sweepstakes runs today through Friday, June 30 at

Flyers Charities is hosting an auction to celebrate a New Era of Orange. Fans can bid on an opportunity to win a new jersey signed by a 2023-24 Flyers player, a customized jersey, and more. The auction is here with proceeds benefitting Flyers Charities.