This may end up being the craziest Flyers stretch since Jeff Carter and Mike Richards were shipped out at the same time:

Pagnotta is reporting that Kings defenseman Sean Walker and goaltender Cal Petersen will come to Philly, then LA will retain 30% of Provy’s money. He actually first reported that part, so fans were theorizing that the Petersen move would indicate something on the Hart front. Full details haven’t been reported yet, and looks like a complicated, multi-team trade with a lot of parts.

Ant added this:

Regardless, it looks like Danny Briere is not messing around. The Stanley Cup Finals aren’t even over yet. We’re two games in, and Jonesy is still broadcasting, but this feels good. Whatever with the aggressive retool. We want a full rebuild. Burn it all down to the ground. This is a new era of orange, motherfuckaz.

I’ll keep updating this post with details