Not gonna lie, this one tripped me up:

That’s a fake tweet from “FredVanleef,” but this one is real:

VanVleet becomes a UFA, though Woj is reporting that he has not ruled out negotiating a new deal with Toronto. They’ve got Pascal Siakam making $37 million this season, then a couple of guys just under $20 million, so there’s room to bring FVV back, if that’s what the Raptors want to do. That’s a franchise that needs to figure out what comes next after going 41-41 this year and finishing 9th in the east.

Obviously the Nick Nurse connection is what links FVV to the Sixers. There were thoughts that if James Harden walks, VanVleet could be a capable replacement, but at what cost? And does a FVV/Tyrese Maxey backcourt work? Is it too small? Does Tobias Harris get shipped out in an ancillary move?

Still a lot of moving parts here, but VanVleet is the first significant piece of NBA offseason news. There have been reports that Khris Middleton was involved in the Milwaukee coaching search, so that indicates that he’ll trigger his player option and remain with the Bucks. Beyond that, you’ve got Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook, and D’Angelo Russell on the UFA market, so for the Sixers, it does not seem like there’s a linear path to improving the squad. It all hinges on Harden.