Welcome to the Friday mailbag. Things get slow in the summer so I figured we’d it open it up to your questions, comments, and concerns until the Eagles fire it up again for training camp.

Some reader queries:

He’s doing his podcast a few times a week and gets some solid guests. Recently he’s had Keith Jones, Tim Kurkjian, and Charles Barkley. For what it’s worth, he’s got a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Apple Podcasts. I’d also assume Mike is gonna continue with JAKIB Media and the Eagles postgame show in 2023, but not totally sure.

Wing Bowl is done for good. It wouldn’t work very well in the #MeToo era. You’re gonna have porn stars walking around half naked and the assorted debauchery that goes along with it? There’s too much risk for Audacy in the current social environment.

Nobody cared about any of that in 2008, but things are different now. Even back in the day they had protesters standing outside the Wells Fargo Center with signs saying that Wing Bowl “objectified women” (even though they signed up to participate) and I think management was starting to become wary of how Wing Bowl was viewed by the general public.

Good question. 99% of the Eagles are athletic enough to play anything, but only a few have NBA body types. If you go down the Birds’ roster, the guys who are 6’4″ or taller are predominantly linemen, and even then, someone like Jordan Mailata would have to shed 100 pounds to match the profile of typical power forward. The best comp I can pull is someone like Tyree Jackson, who is 6’7″, 249. LeBron is what, 6’8″, 250? That’s a good match. Likewise, a lot of the Sixers guys would have to add weight to bang in the NFL.

I could see guys like Bryce Harper, Jalen Hurts, Jakob Glesnes, and Travis Konecny playing anything. Good mix of smarts, toughness, and dawg. These are tier 1 athletes we’re talking about, so I think a lot of them could easily pay different sports, it’s just a matter of physical profile.

I actually asked Brett Brown this question after they went out to Boston in 2018 and he straight-up said that the Sixers needed to bring in another superstar. I don’t have the full quote on hand, but found an old notebook from 2018 where Brett said the idea of rolling with the Process players was “noble, but I don’t agree with it.” They were on the record saying they needed a big free agent to get them over the hump, which predicated the Jimmy Butler trade.

In hindsight, I think they were right about that. I’m not sure Embiid, Simmons, Reddick, Saric, Covington, and Fultz was gonna get you to the promised land. Obviously, the benefit of hindsight and the Simmons/Fultz situations helps that, but even if those guys had panned out, Reddick didn’t have much time left and there were questions of Saric and Covington being good enough to start on a title contender. Same with T.J. McConnell off the bench.

It has to be Shannon, with a caveat. If Sterling’s career was not shortened by injury, he’d be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Shannon was an eight-time Pro Bowler and won three Super Bowls. Sterling only played seven seasons but went to the Pro Bowl five times and was a 5x 1,000-yard receiver. He was incredible. They both were.

Does God exist? Depends who you ask.

Helen Gym. She once jumped in the comments section to reprimand Kyle for a story about Jeffrey Lurie getting remarried. The only commenter I actually liked was “eSports are the Future.” The rest were idiots who would post under multiple names, like for instance “Jillian Mele’s Bleached Butthole” was also five other guys at the same time. It was mostly the same morons switching names constantly and there was no correlation between the comments section and site traffic.

I just can’t see it. Jim would absolutely take the USMNT job, but what’s the upside to being Jesse’s assistant? No guarantee you’re next in line when he gets fired.

Jim’s Union contract is up at the end of the year. He’s had offers in Europe before, but also lives in Queen Village and has a young family and grew up in Montco, so I don’t know how itchy he is to up and relocate his family for an overseas job with no security.

I’m not grumpy, just tired. Two young kids is draining. Also, I listen to a lot more than death metal. I’m constantly cycling through classic hip hop like Nas and Wu Tang and my mom always had John Denver and more traditional Americana playing in the house on the weekends. She used to turn the TV off on Saturdays and just play music instead.