This is making the rounds on Facebook. Since there is currently five miles of unused I-95 for the foreseeable future, this guy wants to throw a Project X-style block party, where everyone dresses up as construction workers:

This is the most Philly thing ever. An entire section of a highway collapses and what is the first thing some guy from the Northeast, cut off from the rest of civilization, thinks to do? How can I party on this thing.

You gotta hand it to the good people of NE Philly. When they see an opportunity to party, they take it. Something tells me this is going to be the party of the summer. We don’t need Pete Buttigieg’s disaster money. Philly is going to raise the money themselves charging $5 a cup. People are dressing as construction workers and doing exactly what PennDOT has been doing for the last century on 95. Sitting around, drinking, and listening to 102.9 MGK. Someone get the dumpster pools:

Legally, I don’t think I’m allowed to support this. I don’t want to catch a charge for inciting a riot if this actually happens and it gets out of control. But I wish this fella Pete good luck on his endeavors and I hope he throws the biggest party I-95 has ever seen: