According to CBS3 Philadelphia, we are experiencing the worst air quality in the world. Finally a title:

Philadelphia now has the worst air quality of any major city in the world as smoke from wildfires in Canada is moving through the region. 

The most hazardous smoke from Canada is currently moving through the area from Wednesday night into early Thursday morning. 

According to’s Air Quality Index, Philadelphia is currently at 447. The air particles are considered “hazardous” at 300. Everyone is likely to be affected due to the hazardous quality of the air. 

This is what it probably felt like to breathe every day on the Vet turf.

Some tips are:

-Avoid extended time or strenuous activities outdoors as much as possible. 

-If you must go outside, avoid excessive activity, such as jogging or running, and wear a mask, if available.

-Close all windows and doors to minimize air pollution in your home.  

Basically do the opposite of what my dad is doing:

It’s all mental baby! That’s my pops!

You want to sit in your house like a little soy boy and hide from some fire? My dad eats smoke and he breathes fire:

There are crops to be tended to and long toss to be thrown. There is life to be lived and if my dad can’t physically see the danger than there must be no danger. That’s freedom baby.

P.S. Pops introducing the Hyundai Defensive Play of the Game next week: