Darius Rucker headlined the Barefoot Country Music Festival over the weekend in Wildwood and had some help from the largest baritone in the world to crush some “Alright”:


What’s Mailata smuggling in his back pockets that’s got him double cheeked up on a casual Saturday?


So when it’s all said and done and Jordan Mailata is in the Hall of Fame. Is his second career in music? He’s already got a #1 Christmas album. He’s been on The Masked Singer. Does he start his own band or collab on songs with country music’s biggest stars? Producing hit after hit until he’s the first NFL player in Canton and Nashville. He probably could grab a Disney movie out of it too. We have a pop star, podcasting powerhouse, beef jerky entrepreneur, and leading mental health advocate all on the same offensive line. Is this the most talented O-Line in the NFL?

P.S. Never a bad day when you get it started with some Hootie: