Flyers news:

First things first, one of our readers has requested that when we talk about Danny Briere we put the appropriate French accent on his last name, or whatever that’s called. Reader informs us that in order to do so on an American keyboard, you have to hold “alt” and then press 0233, like this: é. That’s pretty annoying, but we will do our best to respect the language of our northern neighbors.

(EDIT – I got it wrong. The accent faces the other direction. It is alt+ 0232 to get this: è. I’m embarrassed)

With that now established, if Danny Brière gets more for Scott Laughton than a first round draft pick and a future second, I’ll quit writing for Crossing Broad, don a hard hat, and go help the union laborers complete the I-95 rebuild. I’ll go work a graveyard shift at the Aramingo Avenue Wawa, locating cigarettes for the locals while the cash register line grows longer. There’s just no way that Laughton is worth more than a first and future second. Not shitting on Frank’s typically-solid reporting, just find it insane/dubious that the Flyers would have turned something like this down. Laughton is a total pro and would be great fit for a contender, but that’s a steep price for a 29-year-old third-line center who is going to give you something between 30 and 40 points.

For real though. If Danny Briere, excuse me, Brière, holds out for a bigger return on Scott Laughton, he’ll have already exceeded Chuck Fletcher’s entire Philadelphia tenure.