Shams Charania was on Ryen Russillo’s podcast, where he mentioned that James Harden is torn between Philly and going back to Houston:

I don’t think he (Harden) knows…we’re less than a month out from free agency starting. I really think that he’s torn with the prospect of staying in Philadelphia or moving onto Houston potentially. That’s where his roots are. His family is there.

I believe they’re (Houston) are going to be aggressive in the marketplace with potential two-year deals. 

My sense right now is that James Harden is torn. Philadelphia makes the big trade for him…there is some familiarity with Daryl Morey. With Nick Nurse there, he said in the press conference in Philly, James Harden wants to win we want him back. We think we’re a better team with James Harden and of course they are.  

I’m starting to get the impression we’re going to see Harden back at the Wells Fargo Center next year and it’s making me sick to my stomach. The optimist in me looks ahead two years, when you hope to pair a star with him and Joel Embiid once Tobias Harris’ contract is off the books. The pessimist in me is looking at another good regular season from Harden where he completely implodes and looks unsure of himself in the biggest moments of the playoffs and we’re back to square one. I know he won Game 1 and 5 of the Boston series. I still have memories of Game 3, 6, and 7 fresh in my mind. This contract is going to be the most important one Morey doles out during his tenure in Philadelphia. Are you really willing to pay a 37 year old $50+ million? Can you afford to waste another year of Embiid’s prime if you don’t? Constant what-ifs. This is the life of a Sixers fan.