Jason Kelce is doing his annual celebrity bartending thing in Sea Isle City tonight, but first, a beer chugging contest against WIP’s James Seltzer:

Jeez, that was impressive. They were talking about this earlier in the week and I thought it would be a 12oz Natty or some other piss water we drank in college, but no, this looks like something out of that Beerfest movie when the Americans took on the Germans. I’m surprised they didn’t get out “das boot.”

Honestly though, this contest was a little unfair. Kelce is a 35-year-old Pro Bowl athlete currently enjoying the offseason. Seltzer has a young kid in the house and has to get up every morning at God knows what time to do radio. Advantage, Kelce. If this made it to the sportsbooks Kelce would have been -15000 or better. They might have had to take it off the board entirely. This is the beer chugging equivalent of Alabama lining up against Middle Tennessee in early September. It was 21-0 at the end of the first quarter.