Andy from Deptford has been on 94 WIP about 17 times this week already, and sure enough, he called up the afternoon show on Wednesday.

However, Jon Marks was perhaps suffering from an affliction spreading across the tri-state region. Daily caller overload. It’s wafting over the Delaware Valley like smoke from the Canadian wildfires, stinging the eyes and permeating the lungs. The niggling irritation resulted in Marks hanging up on Andy:

“When I listen to you I cringe! Sometimes…”

Hear hear! I’ve been saying this for years now. It’s good to see that Jonny Marks is finally coming around.

What we have here is a classic case of the inmates running the asylum. Andy from Deptford, Herb from the Northeast, Chuck from Mount Airy – all these guys think they run the show. That’s because WIP has allowed them to run AMOK and operate UNFETTERED for far too long. They’ve created several monsters that cannot be contained. It might be time to bring back the call screeners. Pay some college kid eight dollars an hour to tell these guys to call back some other time.

Ultimately, I think this just proves what we’ve been saying for years now. Sports talk radio callers should be limited to once per week, once on the weekends.

Tom Bigby was right!