The Union scraped for a 2-2 draw in Orlando on Wednesday night.

They didn’t look amazing in the first half, then got a crap goal to make it 2-1 before finding the equalizer on a world-class volley from Jose “El Brujo” Martinez:

That’s at least 30 yards out and one of the toughest things to do, to catch a half volley flush like that and keep it low. 99% of the time these types of first-time efforts sky over the crossbar and end up in the stands.

This is one of the greatest Union goals of all time, not just because of the difficulty in what Brujo pulled off here, but because he’s been trying long distance shots from day one and is usually never even close. It had become a running joke among Union fans, like “oh there’s Brujo’s mandatory 40-yard shot that lands in the parking lot.” But he honestly seemed to be getting closer and closer each game, so it’s hilarious that the end result was an 89th-minute volley that kissed the post and salvaged a point on the road.

The other thing to consider is that he just played 89 minutes in the defensive midfield, so he had already logged 5 or so miles on the field as a conservative guess. Your legs are pretty much gone by that point, so for him to shrug off the tiredness and get the technique totally right and keep that ball down is, again, world class. It’s a world-class goal in any league, so it’s cool to see the video clip all over the place this morning, getting the Union some international eyeballs in the process.

Jim Curtin’s team is now 4th place in the Eastern Conference with 31 points. They’ve lost just one game since crashing out of the Champions League and have a record of seven wins, three draws, and one loss in that time period.