This isn’t necessarily breaking news, but some more detail on the Kevin Hayes front. Frank Seravalli at The Daily Faceoff said this in a recent article/podcast:

Q: One last question to get to in the #ASKDFO inbox. Back at the trade deadline, Kevin Hayes was a top-5 trade target; with Columbus now eyeing up bigger fish, what happens with the Flyers and Hayes with a buyout opportunity on the table? 

Frank Seravalli: Well, basically, I don’t think the Flyers will buy him out, I don’t think it makes sense considering the term that remains. Here’s what I’ll tell you, the relationship is fractured between Hayes and John Tortorella; everyone knows it; they’ve got to get him out of there. They’re going and willing to reduce his cap hit by retaining some money, so will someone step up and make an offer that entices Danny Briere? He seems to really be antsy to make some trades. So, I would say that Hayes is not long for Philly. 

Hayes is entering the 5th year of seven-year, $50 million deal. He’s slated to the cap at around $7.1 million for the last three seasons of the contract. As of now, he’s got the second-largest cap hit on the team, squished between two guys who were on the shelf last season in Sean Couturier and Ryan Ellis.

Playing 81 games this year, Hayes hit 54 points on the strength of 36 assists. But he’s 31 years old, the Flyers are rebuilding, and the Tortorella relationship is in disrepair, so you try to move a guy that just doesn’t fit right now. Hayes is earning the same amount as Tage Thompson, Kyle Connor, and Clayton Keller, who are all younger and all put up more points this past season, so that’s a good snapshot of where we’re at with this Flyers roster.