The U.S. clobbered Mexico 3-0 on Thursday night. Tres a cero to the best soccer nation in North America.

It was a debacle of a game that included four red cards, beer throwing, a ripped shirt, and homophobic chants coming from the Vegas crowd, which included a section of El Tri fans getting after each other:

I’m mainly focused on green shirt vs. black shirt in the middle of the video. Green wants absolutely none of that smoke. He throws a couple of weak overhand rights, then black shoves him backwards with ease. Green then pulls back a bit because he knows black has his number and could kick his ass at any moment. Then a couple of drinks are thrown and we get some “hold me back” action, so ultimately a pretty lame video.

Still, more fight from the fans in the stands than the players on the field. Mexico is down bad. We’ve got their number. Tres a cero, tres a cero, jajajaja. Gringos ganan, gringos ganan.