This is how you create a legacy:

Finally, on the third try, Ricky Council got his wish for a son in the NBA. He’s gotta be pound-for-pound the favorite Ricky Council in the house, right? Ricky 2 was on that UMBC team that beat #1 Virginia during March Madness, but was in street clothes because of NCAA transfer rules. I can’t find anything on Ricky 3’s college basketball career. Ricky 4, though, can do things like this:

I love this move. How many times growing up did your mom or dad call you your brother’s or sister’s name? All the time. You want to know how you stop that? Give every kid the same name, like Ricky Council did. George Foreman got punched in the face for a living. He has 10 kids. You think he’s going to remember all of their names? No chance. That’s why he named five of them after himself. George Jr., George III, George IV, George V, and George VI. He even has a daughter named Georgetta. Chess, not checkers people.

Just ask Antonio Cromartie how hard it is: