Kevin has a recap of Nick Nurse’s press conference up now if you want to read that. I want to talk about Trent Crimm sinking his teeth into Nurse the first chance he could:

Howard has mastered the art of the double question during press conferences. He never cares about the answer to the first question he asks. It’s always the second question that provides a soundbite. Nurse was giving such a long and eloquent answer to his first question about second round exits that Howard’s eyes were rolling into the back of his head until he snapped to and got to the point he wanted to make. Then it was game time. Shout out to Nurse though. I think we’ll go 10-9 Howard in the first round. It was a solid question that a lot of people want the answer to. I thought Nurse though landed some counter punches to the head that rung his bell a little.

The good news for Nurse is there are six months in between rounds. Howard has a NovaCare sideline to stalk all summer and he won’t see be seen in Camden again until the Sixers fuck up or make a major move. He has time to train to hit the speed bag and come ready for the next one.