This series was reported weeks ago, but now we have official confirmation and dates for the Mets/Phillies London 2024 series:

The Mets will be the biggest frauds to play in London since 2022 Arsenal. Heyo! Throw in Tottenham and you’ve got three unserious sporting franchises.

This will be fun though. We gotta get the Phandemic Krew and The Philly Captain over there for this series. “From Bridesburg to Britain” will be the name of the YouTube video series. For two days only, Captain will call the opposing team “wankers” instead of “dickheads,” as an homage to our UK allies.

The games will take place at London Stadium, which is where West Ham play. It was built for the Summer Olympics about 10 years ago and holds more than 60,000, so there should be a nice, full crowd there. Just tell the locals that baseball is like cricket, but more exciting, and it doesn’t take five days to complete a game. They’ll show up.