Three-time Super Bowl champion and Boyertown product James Develin grew up an Eagles fan. Then he found himself playing against his childhood team in what would amount to the biggest game in Birds history.

Jimmy on that:

“I hate that I’ll never be able to enjoy that Super Bowl as a fan of the Eagles, because it was at my expense.”

That’s a great line. Imagine growing up watching the Birds your whole life, then you make it in the NFL as a long shot, find yourself on a perennial contender, and then play the Super Bowl against your childhood team. It had to have been such a bizarre experience for Jimmy. Your friends and family are all Eagles fans (except for that one dipshit down the street in Gilbertsville who somehow became a 49ers fan). You yourself are an Eagles fan, and now the only thing standing between you and your third ring is Nick Foles and company.

Jimmy would go on to win that third ring the very next year, but he was really candid about Super Bowl 52 when we caught up with him Tuesday. Here’s the full episode: