If MLB All-Star voting ended today, Bryce Harper would be the only Phillies position player going to Seattle (via Mark Bowman at MLB.com)

Stop the steal! Count all votes! How is Nick Castellanos not in the top six for outfielders? I understand chicks dig the long ball and his power numbers might lack compared to the others, but whatever happened to contact being sexy? Castey has found himself at the plate this season. Belting .312 and having one of the best OBP% years of his career. Not to mention his defense is amazing because this year he’s just turned his brain off:


We gotta come together and get him in the Midsummer Classic because he might not get another chance after this season. It sucks they got rid of those punch card ballots in 2015. I used to get ten at a time and stuff my pencil through all of them voting for Phillies. Pretty sure all of Todd Pratt’s 50 All Star votes in 2004 were from me.

Right now I’d set the Phillies line O/U at 3.5 All Stars at the Crossing Broad Sportsbook. Bryce Harper, Castellanos, Jose Alvarado, and maybe Zack Wheeler or another reliever (Craig Kimbrel?).

P.S. How about Kody Clemens sneaking into the top-10 for first baseman? What a week for “The Torpedo” (a little nickname I thought of for the kid)!