According to Frank Seravalli on his podcast, The DFO Rundown, the Flyers are looking to acquire more first rounders to potentially move up and get Matvei Michkov:

Hold on to your butts! The Flyers right now have #7 and #22 in this year’s draft. Ant detailed all the trade rumors surrounding the Flyers Sunday afternoon. Right now Tony DeAngelo, Kevin Hayes, Scott Laughton, and Travis Sanheim’s names have been floated. There could be more. Nobody is safe except Cutter Gauthier.

Here’s the analysis on Michkov –

He’s an awesome scorer. The worst part about his game is that he’s Russian. That scares a lot of teams given the current political climate. Not to mention all the shit the Flyers already have had to go through with Russian goalie prospect, Ivan Fedotov, being detained by police last summer and allegedly poisoned while in captivity. A lot of the national writers don’t think Michkov will defect, but you never know. The way Danny Briere is wheeling and dealing right now I wouldn’t be surprised if he got Dan Hilferty to send a private jet to Moscow right now to get every last Michkov out of there:


No time like the present. Russia’s a little distracted with that whole Civil War thing from over the weekend.

The Flyers also might not have to make a trade to move up if everything shakes out the way they hope. The team Michkov has to clear is the Habs at #5, who are meeting with him this week. The Sharks seem locked in on Will Smith, according to Seravalli. The Coyotes are trying to stay in Arizona and need to win now. They can’t wait for however many years it’ll take for Michkov to come over. That leaves the Flyers at #7, who can take that risk due to the rebuild timeline if Montreal passes. They have more assets than the Caps as well, who might make a push for Michkov.

Here’s some highlights of the future: