According to Keith Pompey at the Inky James Harden reuniting with the Sixers this offseason “doesn’t seem as bleak as it did a month ago” and there is more optimism that he’ll re-sign:

For the Sixers, a return to Philadelphia doesn’t seem as bleak as it did a month ago. There’s varying levels of belief that Harden could re-sign with the Sixers depending on who you talk to. Sources have said the Sixers are more optimistic that he’ll re-sign. Perhaps that’s why there’s a report that Harden is “giving renewed consideration to staying put.”

Pompey later mentioned the only thing that could deter Harden from re-signing in Philly would be another team giving him a contract that has a third year guaranteed. For what it’s worth, Sixers reporter Kyle Neubeck was on WIP earlier today and mentioned re-signing Harden is the team’s Plan A.  So it looks like all signs are pointing to running it back with Joel Embiid, Harden, and Tyrese Maxey again next year.

Is that enough to get to the Finals? Probably not. It won’t get the majority of Sixers fan’s buy-in either – especially when the Eagles and Phillies are expected to dominate the headlines in the fall and winter. Can’t blame the fans either. They’re tired of the same old failures. Even with the Tobias Harris trade rumors I can’t see any return that would get most Sixers fans to buy back in. The majority of fans will keep this squad at an arms length until the playoffs again. There’s only so many times you can be fooled until enough is enough.