Couple of reporters have this, but looks like Kyle was first:

Ramona Shelburne put this out there a few minutes after Neubeck’s story went live.

Tyrese is entering the fourth year of his rookie deal, which pays him about $4.3 million. It doesn’t mean much that the Sixers would not extend him now, it basically just means they’re looking for some flexibility with the fluidity of the James Harden situation and the fact that Tobias Harris is also going into his final year. With some maneuvering here, you’re looking at the availability of another max slot in 2024.

It seems pretty obvious that the Sixers remain high on Maxey, who took another step forward this season en route to a career-high 20.3 points per game despite playing about two minutes less on average. He shot a career-high 43.3% from three on 6.2 attempts per game, also contributing 3.5 assists on average. He seems to enjoy playing in Philadelphia and the Sixers will likely lock him up at some point, barring some sort of blockbuster trade that requires his inclusion to pull off.