I can’t believe it:

A wrestling legend who then created one of the funniest Twitter accounts, you jabroni.

Sheik was 81 years old. People who watched WWF back in the day remember his rivalry with Hulk Hogan and the way he’d wave the Iranian flag around. He was born in Iran but moved to the United States and competed in Greco-Roman before making the jump to professional wrestler in 1972. Sheik had the signature mustache and the curled-toe boots, which were a nod to his heritage. There were the feuds with Bob Backlund and Chief Jay Strongbow over the course of a career that lasted a few decades and took him through multiple promotions. He entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005 and was one of the best villains ever.

Sheik’s Twitter account later turned him into this phenomenon. His signature line was telling certain people or things to “go fuck yourself,” or that he would put them in the Camel Clutch. He loved to denounce jabronies as well. In recent tweets before his passing, he wrote “FUCK THE APPLE VISION PRO HEADSET,” “FUCK THE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE,” and “AMERICA RUNS ON DUNKINS AND JABRONIS.”

What a guy. RIP to the Sheik. A legend.