The trades are talking a lot of shit right now! Deservedly so:


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They’re crushing the I-95 rebuild. They’re way ahead of schedule, but are they winning too much? Some people (me) are asking.

This like when the Eagles started 8-0 last year and some fans claimed they could benefit from a loss on the schedule. Fair point. You have to wonder how the trades are going to respond when faced with a little adversity. Will they continue to show that dawg mentality and get 1% better everyday? Or will they crater with the pressure of the entire Northeast on their shoulders when it counts?

Me? I love when my team wins and talks shit. This guy and Charisse can talk all the smack they want if they keep clocking in and doing their job. But you have to prove it when it matters most. Nobody cares you were the #1 seed all year if you lose in the NFC Championship game. If this temporary roadway doesn’t have cars on it in two weeks like the Gov promised this rebuild could be labeled a failure. People are going to start wondering if the trades were as elite as they claim.

Not to mention the long term effects of all this winning changes people’s attitudes. The trades might’ve screwed themselves if they start going on a dynasty run. Like Marvin Hagler said “It’s tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5am when you’ve been sleeping in silk pajamas.” It’s like being a Patriots fan. It’s Super Bowl or bust every year. Tom Brady might be gone, but that’s what I’m already accustomed to. You’ve shown us how good you can be. Now we’re going to expect greatness every time you’re making repairs to I-95 in the future. Can’t be mad at me when I start holding the trades to a higher standard.

I appreciate those dudes down at the site breaking their backs while I sit in air conditioning all day. We just need to make sure we keep that fire in their belly. Everything is going well now, but that praise can flip to criticism real quick. Just ask Joel Embiid.