The Sixers released new stadium renderings of 76 Place:

The stadium looks pretty sick! The video board spanning the entire circumference is awesome. Even if the mock up included one of James Harden’s biggest choke jobs in the playoffs:


Maybe that’s a sign he isn’t returning.

The windows in the upper level looking out into the city are a nice touch, the angle of the seating is giving off Spectrum vibes, and the connecting stairs looks like I’m about to head up to my dormitory at Hogwarts.

The only problem I have with it is there is no slab of concrete to tailgate on. Where am I going to drink beers on a Tuesday in January?

We actually have David Adelman, co-owner of the Sixers, and the guy in charge of the new arena on Crossing Broadcast today at noon. It’s a pre-recorded interview, but offers some great insight into why they launched this project eight years in advance, the Chinatown angle, and if the project doesn’t go through will the Sixers stay in Philly.

Check it out: