T.O. had Darren Sproles on his Getcha Popcorn Ready with T.O. & Hatch Show. Sproles asked him about the infamous fight with Hugh Douglas:

The funniest part about this whole story is Hugh being cut by the Eagles, being hired in some fugazi “Good Will Ambassador” role, and he’s fighting the star wide receiver. I don’t think Joe Banner had that in the job description. That would be like Brent Celek fighting Alshon Jeffery because he talked shit about Carson Wentz to Josina Anderson.

According to Hugh on WIP Thursday, T.O. got the story wrong (transcribed by Mike Greger at Heavy.com) –

“I’m petty. And I’m not going to sit there and just let anybody say anything to me,” Douglas said. “The language was colorful. It was real street for five or six minutes.”

Then, Owens decided to take action by squaring up his shoulders. Douglas, sensing punches were going to be thrown, readied for battle. He detailed a wild scene, with Jeremiah Trotter stuck in the middle trying to play the role of peacemaker:

He’s like, I’m tired of you talking stuff, what you want to do? So I knew it wasn’t only a matter of time before punches were thrown. And as an older guy I’m not about to be sucker-punched by anybody. So this is where it got hilarious … I threw the first punch, missed. He threw a punch, he missed.

So I hear Trot say grab him, like Trot put me in the chicken wing. I was mad because I’m like, damn, Trot about to get me beat up. That’s what I’m thinking because Trot had a choke hold on me where I couldn’t get out of it, so I’m like, damn Trot you’re supposed to be my boy — and then somebody grabbed TO and it was broken up, and that was it. It was fast.

Hugh also said that he was friendly with Donovan McNabb, but not friends, and wouldn’t start a fight for McNabb.

Honestly, I wish T.O. would’ve turned the question on Sproles. I could listen all day to stories about him almost fighting Carson Wentz. This is an amazing course in dodging questions: