Philadelphia health officials want everyone to stay inside, not drive, and if you do venture into the abyss of smoke, wear an N95 mask. It sounds like the start of the pandemic all over again:

Philly’s air quality index on Wednesday morning was extremely high: with meters registering an AQI of 212, above red and into the purple range. For reference, 0 to 50 is considered “good” and anything above 200 is “very unhealthy.

What should you do about this? Here are some recommendations from the Health Department:

-First, try to avoid going outside

– If you have to go outside, wear a mask (they come in handy!)

-Skip going for a run — heavy breathing just makes you inhale more of the particulate matter

-Try to avoid busy areas where air flow is weak and pollution is high (i.e. it’s probably better to be in a park than in the middle of the city)

Look at some of these photos:

It’s not only affecting your health, but it’s affecting your ball club, too. There should’ve been four or five more home runs last night, according to Rob Thomson, if it wasn’t for the smoke:

Hammer the under tonight! God damn Canadians…

Right now Philly and the surrounding areas are experiencing a code red, which affects the health of the general public. That means children, old people, and people that might have lung or heart defects are the most at risk:

via CBS3 Philadelphia

Don’t tell that to 379 year old Billy Penn! He’s fully torqued watching over the city: