The I-95 livestream is active and you can watch the backbone of our country rebuild the most important road in the Northeast corridor. 170 people currently are:


I turned it on expecting to see magic and all I got was exactly what I’d imagine. A couple of guys working the excavator while the other two sit around and watch* –

This is going to be awful for the guys on the job. You know how many people are like me and have too much time on their hands? PennDOT’s phone lines are going to be jammed up because someone in Mayfair wants to know why the guy in the yellow hat hasn’t picked up a shovel in 10 minutes. It’s going to be like when the PGA used to let regular people call in rule violations during tournaments.

Tbh, the stream could use a little spice. There’s no sound, so you’re just watching an excavator and a front loader go back and forth while people shoot the shit. We need someone in the booth like Franzke & LA proposed:

Sneaky, I’d love Marc Zumoff and Malik Rose. They got us through the early formative years of The Process. Those guys could banter about anything and with the new Delco glass saving the day, we’re literally turning garbage into gold.

Some other suggestions from the people:


This would be the drunkest booth of all time.


* Union guy starts whipping the excavator*

Kevin Harlan: He’s got no regard for human life!

This is perfect.

*It’s a joke, union guys. Just breaking some balls. For such a tough job, some of you have some thin skin. Not on your ass though.