Crazy stat to chew on from Corey Seidman:

That’s some unspeakable bad luck. Having your best month record-wise and you lose ground in the NL East race and wash out the Wild Card. That includes a streak of eight straight wins on the road despite the fact that Bryce Harper hasn’t hit a home run since late May.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Hey dumbass it’s better than the alternative.” Which you are correct. If the Phils played .500 ball in June they’d be eight games back of a Wild Card spot.

Hang your hat on the fact that the Phils aren’t even playing their best baseball yet. They’re still struggling with RISP, aren’t fully healthy, and lack pop at multiple positions. The reason for the good month is largely due to Nick Castellanos and the pitching:

Even Aaron Nola got out of the Toyota RAV 4th inning with only one run given up. A tremendous feat this year:

This is a good baseball team. That’s the best part after waiting 11 years for them to be. They’ll be plenty of meaningful games this summer. Something we couldn’t even say this time last year.