A developing story right here:

Kyle Schwarber said in February that the Dancing on My Own remix was being retired. Looks like that lasted less than four months, so shorter than Michael Jordan’s NBA sabbatical but longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries.

The thing about the Dancing on My Own remix is that the song sucks. Robyn’s original version is a little better. We all just went along with it because the Phillies liked it and it was a way to bring the team and city together for a wonderful World Series run. It was something to bond over. Fans got the clubhouse playlist and felt like they were part of ride, too, which is cool. No knock on that.

Ultimately, if a Dancing on My Own redux is the catalyst for a summer run and playoff berth, then let’s fuckin go. Maybe it’s a superstition type of thing, like bamboo Brad Miller.

As a quick aside, have you ever asked someone what kind of music they listen to, and they respond by saying “everything”? That’s such a crock of shit. Do you listen to Anal Cunt and Cattle Decapitation? Then no, you don’t listen to “everything.”