Statistic of the day:

This goes back to June 3rd, when the Phils dropped the first game of the Washington series, then took the second game 4-2. They won that series, swept the Tigers, took two of three from the Dodgers, and will either win this Arizona series 3-1 or split 2-2 depending on what happens Thursday afternoon.

It would be one thing if they were beating up on crap teams during this run, but getting a series win against LA and then taking two or three from the D-Backs in a stadium where they have not played well in recent years amounts to a really nice run of form.

Some bulletpoint notes on this run:

  • Since 6/3, the Phillies have scored 66 runs and allowed 41. Eighteen of those runs were conceded in the two losses, so in the wins they averaged 3.28 allowed per game.
  • a .341 BABIP is 2nd in the majors during this time span
  • they have an on-base percentage of .356, which is fourth in MLB
  • .285 is the third-best batting average
  • they are slugging .490, behind only Texas, Atlanta, and San Diego
  • team ERA is 4.44, so still middle of the pack
  • strikeouts per nine innings is 9.18, good enough for a top eight spot
  • walks per nine is 3.22, just outside the top 10

They’re playing much better baseball. Kyle Schwarber’s OPS is up in the mid-700s now, so he’s getting there. Trea Turner is figuring it out. They’ve had some really nice starts from Ranger Suarez and Taijuan Walker and J.T. Realmuto is doing this:

The Phillies are .500. Keep it going.