I-95 will be re-opened in the next hour and the first drivers to cross over the new temporary bridge are the Philly mascots and first responders from Engine 38 who were the first on the scene when 95 collapsed:


If you got the mascots at 2/1 on Tuesday cash those tickets!

The Gov can’t miss! He’s always thinking. He could’ve easily went Phanatic, Franklin, Gritty, and Swoop and no one would’ve batted an eye. But no! He goes 5 for 5 and trots Phang out there too to win the popular River End vote in 2028! I’m shocked he didn’t have Winston from the Wings or resurrect Soul Man from the dead to leave no constituent unaccounted for.

Nothing like this city man. So unserious sometimes. Who else is creating a parade out of a road being rebuilt? Nobody. You go out to some place like Chicago you think they’re trotting out Tommy Hawk or Benny the Bull? Absolutely not. They’d probably make Ditka stand in the back and just scowl at everyone while eating a beef.

Passed out guy has to be fuming. He was so close to extending that 15 minutes of fame. When he got invited by the Governor’s office he for sure thought he was going to be the first driver over:

Instead The Gov sent the Big Guns: