Kyle Neubeck over at Voice got an image showing some white boards from the Sixers’ draft night war room:

Funny enough, this same thing happened with the Union in 2016, when a photo of a whiteboard in the player personnel offices was captured by a fan simply hanging out near the building before a game. Apparently the window had no curtains or blinds, so the fan just pointed his camera through the glass and got some good behind-the-scenes information, which I later edited for Voice, pre CB days:

In the Sixers’ case, you can see in Kyle’s image that the board shows a list of teams that might have been willing to part with late 2nd round draft picks for cash considerations. The Sixers entered the evening with zero selections, but did sign a couple of guys later:

Neubeck notes in his writeup that one of the other whiteboards contains an early-summer 2023 depth chart, which includes James Harden’s name in red ink, signifying that he’s not under contract. Also listed is Euro big Filip Petrusev, who is shown in the header image and expected to participate in summer league after playing another season with Serbia’s Crvena Zvezda.

The white boards don’t reveal anything too critical or damning, so the fan reaction is more focused on how something like this gets out in the first place. That was the similar takeaway when this happened to the Union in 2016, reactions like “how do you let tailgating fans go take pictures of confidential information in the first place?” One guy on Reddit said the Sixers were an “Incompetent ass organization man I fucking hate that I have an emotional attachment to it thanks to its fucking location.” So yeah.

Great story though. Fans are doing a good job with it: