Find the lie in here:

“When you look at star players though, there’s a couple of things those guys do that James Harden has shown repeatedly that he can’t. A star player’s floor on a given night can’t be what James Harden’s floor is.”

Hear hear!

Legs nailed it. James Harden has a floor near the Mariana Trench and a ceiling that scrapes the Troposphere. That variation crushes you in the postseason. You can’t have a guy who looks like the MVP one night and then looks like Sixers-era Andrew Bynum the next night (aka a no-show). Harden pretty much singlehandedly won games one and four of the Celtics series, then in the other five games logged 67 points and 17 turnovers. And when Harden is off, he’s WAY off. There is no coming back. We all watched Jayson Tatum stink up the joint for three quarters of Game 6 before morphing into prime Michael Jordan to save his team and save the series. Nobody on the Sixers is doing that.

Good clip from LEGS.