Tobias Harris was at a Fanatic’s charity event and was asked about the trade rumors surrounding him:

That’s an expensive fucking Crumbl Cookie! Are they that good? Are they like the warm Doubletree one’s you get when you check into your hotel? Those are awesome!

Lets see. They sure don’t look like they’re worth $39 million:

To much on top of cookie going on. Not enough baked into the cookie. Does that one have a lime with the peel still on? It looks like they just decided to take cupcakes and cookies and combine them. Different strokes for different folks I guess, but I’ll stick to Insomnia. (Edit: Just looked it up. $40.99 for a box of 12? Bad deals follow this guy everywhere.)

Back to Tobias. Here’s the thing: Sixers fans appreciate the guy. They just don’t appreciate the amount of money he’s making. He’s cashing top-5 small forward money, but not playing like a top-5 small forward. He’s taking up a max slot and he’s not a max player. Now it isn’t his fault he signed. Everyone would’ve signed that deal. But scrutiny also comes with the territory when you sign a contract like that and you’re the fourth option on the team.

It might not be his fault he’s the fourth option. Dave Uram has the entire quote. It seems like Harris didn’t love his dad going on a podcast and calling out the Sixers for not using him properly:

We know his dad isn’t the shyest guy:

Harris isn’t wrong about some things there. He’s been reliable, he doesn’t complain ever, and he does what he’s asked to do. He’s the model teammate. It’s just Sixers fans see that contract number and they see the 14 ppg and surface level production and it’s frustrating. Fair or not it is what it is. Maybe Nick Nurse will be able to unleash him in a contract year. You know what makes people forget they ever thought you were a bust? Coming up big in the playoffs. Just ask Brandon Graham.

P.S. Great brand synergies to drop a Crumbl Cookie in there to get some free pub for the company you’re an investor in. 10% off your next order of cookies using promo code “ASSASSIN” at checkout. Chess not checkers.