If you missed it because you were asleep or playing Diablo 4 last night, the Phillies lost to the D-Backs 9-8 in a bullpen game. They were up 5-1, then Arizona scored eight unanswered runs before the Phils mounted a late comeback that fell  justshort.

In the bottom of the third, D-Backs manager Torey Lovullo threw a hissy fit when Corbin Carroll was hit for the second time:

Matt Strahm said after the game he had “zero intent” of hitting Carroll on either pitch. He was trying to locate inside, Carroll is standing right on top of the plate to begin with, and on the one sequence he sort of leans in and checks a swing. There’s no chance either one of those HBPs was done on purpose. Situationally, it would have been incredibly dumb anyway.

After the game, Lovullo said this:

So obviously this guy is a toolbag, but his team scored eight unanswered runs after the eye roller of a performance. Maybe it got his guys going a bit, so perhaps credit is begrudgingly due.  More than one thing can be true,

Beyond that, the clearing of benches is more often a clown show than not. Entertaining, but ridiculous. Do we really need the bullpen running half a mile to home plate to join the fray? What about a pitch clock violation on Lovullo for slowing down the game? Only half joking there. If we’re gonna have a good, old fashioned, benches-clearing brawl, then let’s do it, but when 40 guys come out to the field for a “hold me back” nothing burger, then it’s pointless. Wouldn’t be surprised if MLB, which is on a rule-changing streak, starts fining guys for leaving the bullpen or dugout in these situations. Other sports already have similar in place.

Anyway, Topper gets final word: