Vic Fangio at Dolphins minicamp:

Translation: yes

This story is really annoying and complicated. I think the turning point was when Adam Schefter came out with that tweet noting that the Gannon tampering incident “impacted” a lot of people’s lives.

So the backdrop, as bullet points:

  • the first Fangio/Miami rumor came out a few weeks prior to the Super Bowl, and on January 29th, Tom Pelissero reported that the two sides had agreed to terms on a three-year deal to make him the highest-paid coordinator in the league
  • AFTER THAT, some rumors started to come out that Fangio had not actually signed the deal or agreed to anything at all, and he was linked to a half dozen other DC jobs
  • days passed and there was no official announcement from Miami
  • it was then reported on Super Bowl weekend that Fangio had signed a two-week contract with the Eagles to aid in game prep
  • Fangio was officially named Dolphins defensive coordinator on February 15th, one day after Gannon was named Cardinals head coach

The problem with this story is that pieces of the timeline are missing. Fangio wasn’t officially announced by Miami until after Gannon departed. Theoretically, he could have gone back on whatever agreement he made with the Dolphins prior to signing the two-week contract to help the Birds with Super Bowl prep. Maybe he had actually signed the contract in January, but that was never reported publicly. Never confirmed, never denied. From a very generic standpoint, it appears as though the Cardinals mucking up the interview process put some kind of monkey wrench in the timeline that resulted in Fangio being unattainable because the Dolphins thing was already sealed.

I don’t know. If you saw something out there that we missed, please let me know and I’ll add it. This story is such a headache. Need 600mg of Ibuprofen, STAT.