Let’s get an update on the I-95 repairs:


From the Action News story:

Secretary of Transportation Mike Carroll said the backfill is a “lightweight material, a recycled glass-type product” that is reusable.

“It’s going to be engineered in a way that will be completely reliable for the travelling public,” said Carroll.

There will be three lanes open in each direction while the state then works to build a permanent bridge to replace the section that collapsed.

We’re gonna be driving this “temporary” road for five years, minimum. You know it and I know it. They’ll get traffic up and running, then shift to hours and hours of lunch breaks and smoke breaks mixed in with the occasional jackhammering or crane work.

The good thing is that they are going to have a live stream showing 24/7 site progress. We can then come back in 2031 and do a time lapse of the project. If we lived in Japan, this thing would almost be done. Commuters would be in and out of Sapporo in no time. But here, we’ve got people making their own routes through Bridesburg. It’s a free for all, which was an underrated Ted Nugent album.

Also, please see this important note: