Two bombs for Trea Turner Monday night in an 8-3 win against the Tigers:

He went 4-5 and has hit in four of the five games played this month. The Phils are on a nice three-game winning streak here with two more against Detroit before a three-game set against the Dodgers and then an Arizona road trip.

Turner said after the game that he made an adjustment to his swing, a combo effort from hitting coach Kevin Long and the Phils’ analytics department:


“I think it’s physical, I think my swing wasn’t where it needed to me. The analytics department and Kevin (Long) kind of found something a few days ago, kind of tried it the last three days and it feels like the right adjustment. When you get the results it’s nice that you can buy into it. I think when the mechanics are good, you see the ball well, you make good decisions, you don’t miss pitches. A lot of things go right when the mechanics are good. I’m a big mechanics guy… (the adjustment) was just something to do with my back hip and knee, it’s hard to visually see things, but with the technology now, they can tell you to a degree what things are positioned. It’s something I had thought in the past, but maybe overlooked because on video it looks the same or looks similar, but when you use technology, you can break it down better.”

We’ll have to put together a side-by-side breakdown to see if we can spot the difference. Turner says he “kind of tried it the last three days,” so we’d have to go back to the first Washington game and pull a clip from there to analyze. For what it’s worth, Turner is a combined 5-13 with four RBI and has only struck out once since making this adjustment.

I will “effort” a side-by-side.